Due to recent surgery I can't take any new jobs for the remainder of 2022. Thanks everyone for your support and see you in the new year.

Glass types

Hi, my name is Garrett. I’m a qualified glazier with 17 years experience, serving the northside of Brisbane from the City to Strathpine.

Call 0426 213 581 or e-mail garrett@winandglass.com to make an inquiry.

Pictured below are some of the glass patterns I can supply. If you need another pattern or color please contact me and I will see if I can help.

Spotswood glass sample.


Cathedral glass sample.


Acid etch glass sample.

Acid etch

Translucent glass sample.


Standard grey tint glass sample.

Standard grey tint

Dark grey tint glass sample.

Dark grey tint

Green tint glass sample.

Green tint

Arctic (similar to Kosciusco or Kosi) glass sample.

Arctic (similar to Kosciusco or Kosi)

Artico glass sample.


Narrow reeded glass sample.

Narrow reeded

Broad reeded glass sample.

Broad reeded

Waverley flemish glass sample.

Waverley flemish

Wissmach flemish glass sample.

Wissmach flemish

Jobs under $3300 only.