Table top glass

Glass table tops are a great way to protect your table from stains and scratches. I can supply glass using your measurements or I can measure, supply and deliver. All of my table tops are safety glass for peace of mind.

If your table is an unusual shape or it has radius corners that's no problem. I can come to you and take measurements or make a template. I serve the northside of Brisbane from the city to Strathpine.

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Curved glass table top

Taking measurements

If you prefer to take your own measurements it's a good idea to check the table is square. One method is to measure diagonally between two corners, then measure the other two corners. If the table is square the two measurements will be the same. This works if the corners come to a point, but can be inaccurate if the table has radius corners. Another method is to check the corners using a large item that is known to be square such as a thin sheet of ply or corflute.

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